Digital Cameras

Someone (I don’t recall who) started a thread about the Vivitar underwater camera and then that thread was deleted for some reason.

The Vivitar camera can be seen at:

I pointed out in the original thread that the Vivitar camera looks exactly like the SeaLife Reefmaster Mini, but at a lower price. The Reefmaster Mini can be seen at:

For those of you looking at cameras, I purchased and returned the Reefmaster. My reasons – it took lousy pictures indoors (lots of noise and artifacts) and it was what I would term “clunky.”

I ultimately purchased and am happy with the Olympus 770SW. Nice pictures (indoors and out), lots of features and fits in the pocket of my PFD.

you are so right!
I was considering the Reefmaster Mini until I noticed it had no flash!

My favorite is the Sony DSC-U60 cybershot. It looks funny but as a picture taker it works well.

My only poroblems were:

  1. it has no zoom
  2. it got stolen last week and costs a fortune to replace.

    So I am thinking of the 720 or 770. Any opinions on paddling with these two?

720 vs 770
If you can find a 720SW, it may be a bargain since it’s been discontinued. Now they’ve just announced an 820SW so there should be deals on the 770SW. I have the 720SW and really haven’t found a reason to upgrade yet.

770 SW
I can’t comment on the 720, but so far I really like the 770SW. The size is great for carrying in the pocket of your PFD and the pictures have been what I would consider above average. Also, nice to not worry about it getting wet, dropping it, etc. They do warn about leaving it in a hot car or direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Since it’s also freezeproof, I just drop in in my cooler when I have to leave it in the car.