digital SLR camera bodies

OK,not a direct kayak question, but to you serious photographers out there…Looking for a good digital camera body for my Canon lenses? Been considering the EOS Digital Rebel XTi Digital SLR Body - anyone have any experience with this one? Thanks.

Be patient

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I am.... waiting... I have an old trusty 10D and have loved it...but I am waiting for the 40D or whatever it will be called. It should have all you want with more... and a great build. But if you can't wait, you will not go wrong with any Canon DSLR.

Check your lens
I had two pro-quality Vivitar Series One lens that I wanted to use and neither one worked with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel.

After buying some more lens, I am real happy with it, but it’s possible that not all of your lens will work.

Go check out this site…
… Good forum to search and ask questions, plus read well done reviews.

As to the right body for your lenses, depends really on the lenses you have (some older Canon and non-Canon brands may not work on the newer digital bodies), but perhaps more important what do you want to shoot.

Shoot an email to martin
you can find him if you search the archives. He is quite professional as an amateur nature photographer and a paddler as well. Uses Canon equipment. His website: