digtial camera or case

this is a great web site, I’ve found it extremely useful.

I’m looking for advice/experience from folks using digital cameras or cases for their cameras so they can shoot in water or in wet conditions on their boats. I need something at least 6 megapixels, and can handle a decent sized sd card and flash.

I have my share of experience as a kayaker and sports photographer just to get that out of the way. I’m aware that there is probably no perfect solution to taking an expensive camera in harms way but thats why I’m asking for your advice and experience.

Pelican case.

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You didn't say what size camera. I use two older Otterboxes. First is a mod 3550 for an Olympus C5050 and a small cell phone case mod. 8000 for a Oly SP-350 which is small and fits with room for extra batteries. I've heard reports the Otterbox was bought out and that quality is suffering as a result so make sure you test before using. http://www.otterbox.com/products/otterbox/

For a full size DSLR kit I would recommend Pelican cases. After reading several photography reviews comparing the different boxes on the market only one still comes up with no leaks and thats Pelican. http://www.casesbypelican.com/pelican-cases-sizes.htm Always test for leaks before risking your equipment

Waterproof camera is a good option but you'll be limited by a small selection in digital.

Waterproof enclosure is another, but they are also limited to only a small selection, expensive, bulky, and not foolproof.

I second NT’s comments
I have been using a Canon A-60 digital, and now have a A-610 as well. I have not opted for a WP case due to the bulkiness as NT mentioned.

My experiences with Pelican cases have been 100% favorable. I bought one of the first generation cases back in '70 or '80 and used it on the Youghiogheny River for rafting. Threw it into boats, had it floating in cold water and the only drops to touch my camera were from my hands.


pelican case
Pelican case with closed cell foam used to make the fit snug so the camera doesn’t rattle around.

GSI Lexan Housing
As an alternative to the Pelican hard cases, I also find the Lexan boxes by GSI to be watertight for flat water paddling. I use a medium sized box to house my digital Canon S2 IS which allows me quick access to the camera.


Waterproof camera case
Good morning,

I’ve been taking digital pictures on canoe and kayak trips for a few years now. I’m an long time amature outdoor photographer, and enjoy the challenging shots. I have an Olympus 5060wz with the Olympus underwater camera case. Together they take superb pictures in and out of the water. Mine is only 5.1 mp, but Olympus once made the same camera in 7mp. These are the camera’s of choice for many of National Geographics wilderness photographers.

I’ve read reviews saying that there is no good underwater camera case or camera…they just dont allow for the optics. I chalk this up to novice and ignorance. If that was the case, commercial photographers wouldn’t spend so much money getting a good case. Do yourself a favor. Research your DSLRs inside and out. Pick the best one you can afford, because you’ll never be happy otherwise. Then be prepared to spend whatever it takes to get an underwater case with good optics that will work for your camera. The right combination with a few technical skills can bring home some amazing and totally soaking wet shots right from your canoe or kayak.

Well, there’s my two cents worth.

Enjoy the sport,


Waterproof Housing
Ikelite makes dive housings for many different cameras. While expensive, you could just tether it to the deck and always have it ready for shooting. Also many point and shoot mfgr’s make sell housings for their cameras. While a waterproof case will protect you camera while its stored, it won’t help you while your shooting, or if you drop the camera in the water. FWIW a drybag will protect the camera as well when not shooting. Also EWA makes heavy duty plastic bag housings that are less expensive than molded plastic or metal housings.