Dimension Kayaks

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Are Dimension kayaks now under the Old Town umbrella? I ask because their (dimension's)website is down but I know OT started selling their SOTs a few years ago.

I saw today at my local Sam's Club a SINK with no indentifiers other than 'Dimension' on the side and I'm wondering if this is just a no-name Otter or something like it. I'm guessing it's somewhere around 10' or 11' (I'm no good at sizing up a boat that's standing on end) with a decently padded seat, stern hatch, adj. foot braces and comes with a 2 pc. paddle and a half-skirt. The rear bulkhead is sealed off with minicell foam making the hatch essentially dry.

All that for under $300. Looks like it would make a decent and cheap beater/spare kind of tub, but I can't get any info. Anyone have any guesses?

Here ya go …

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see below - fat fingers :)

Here ya go …


Thanks wetzool
Can’t believe I didn’t think to look there first. Now if only I could find some specs on this particular boat to get a review or something…