dimensions of a 1999 Necky Looksha sport

Hi Gang,
I have a necky looksha sport that I purchased around 1999 or 2000 and I can’t find any info on the kayaks dimensions. I’m wondering if anyone here can help. Thanks.


Hi grayhawk,
I viewed those sites, but they can’t give me the model year and they both list different size cockpits. I believe the cockpit size changed in the earlier versions of the sport model. I’m looking for a good cockpit cover and the sellers want the model for exact sizing. Thanks for your quick reply.

Did you check the Seals cockpit sizing chart? It states a 1.4 for a Necky Looksha Sport.


If you can give them the max cockpit dimensions I’m sure they will know which one it is.


I check that periodically when River Connection kayakers bring in a consignment kayak from way back.

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Somewhere in the early 2000s they changed the seat from the black one to the gray one with back band. But I don’t recall hearing them changing cockpit sizes. Possible they did, but being a rotomolded boat (which would require a new, expensive mold for any change like this), I suspect they did not.

Thanks for all the advice fellow kayakers. I guess my best bet is to either bring my Looksha to a cockpit cover shop or do the measurements myself.