Dinged Royalex deal breaker on Pack?

I have been searching for a solo canoe locally; tonight, an Old Town Pack showed up online. The only reservation I have is that the Royalex is abraded/damaged on the stern. I’ve read about repairing Royalex using different methods after a search, and I can handle that. However, I am unsure as to the degree of damage as I am not too familiar with Royalex. It looks like the outer green layer is worn off, but the underlying layer looks intact and undamaged. Sound serious?

And, I’d post an image, but I’m not seeing that option at present.

Image here

Looks like someone dragged it…
and wore the vinyl layer off exposing the ABS layer beneath. I have similar damage to one of my boats, and I paddled it 8 miles today with no issues. It’s not a problem until you wear through the ABS layer exposing the core - then it’s a real problem.

I haven’t thought about fixing mine yet, but I need to. I’m thinking a fiberglass skid plate, but I’ll be interested to hear what others think…

I thought it had been dragged, too.

G flex and a piece
of s glass or Dynel

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Not unless the ABS has been thinned out
The green outer vinyl layer has clearly been abraded off exposing the light-colored external solid ABS layer beneath.

The abrasion my or may not have thinned out and weakened the ABS layer. Check the contour of the surface of the exposed ABS. If it looks as if it has been flattened, it has been thinned out.

Press in on this area firmly with you thumb. If it “gives” visibly or feels spongy, it has been thinned out.

If not, you can just get some green spray.paint and cover the light-colored area to protect the ABS from UV degradation.

If the solid ABS stratum has been thinned out, it may not take much more abrasion to erode into the foam core. In that event, I would reinforce over the area of eroded ABS with G Flex epoxy and cloth, as suggested by kayakmedic.

I’ve been using GOOP and spray paint. Reapply when necessary. Easy, cheap, mostly invisible. It lasts quite a while. It’s probably at least as tough as the original vinyl skin.

Fixable but abused
If it’s worn through the top layer then the proper repair is to first carefully patch over the exposed foam center core. I would apply a film of G Flex…

The next step is to install a Kevlar wear plate. There are (pricey) kits available. The kits will include a color element to help you blend the repair in with the hulls color. Old Town sells them…

When bonding to Royalex you need to pre-heat (but not overheat) the areas where adhesives will need to bond. I also very lightly sand those areas.

I would not put on goop, duct tape, fiberglass or anything else unless the hull is toast and you don’t care about how you repair it.

Most owners of Royalex boats install the Kevlar wear plates while the canoe is new…whoever owned the boat was negligent in failing to do that and also negligent in dragging it to the point that you describe…

I have (on a very old and very damaged Royalex boat) done this repair with fiberglass cloth and resin.The boat should last a good 10 or more years like this presuming that my son avoids ramming and dragging the repaired area in gravel, rocks etc.