dinner suggestion for Day 6 of trip

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So i am heading off to Baja in a week, and i am responsible for coming up for some ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 6th day.

Being that this is my first trip of this length, i am looking for some good suggestion/recipes.

i was thinking of doing something like a scampi using canned clams

could also use some vegetarian suggestions


In the Boundary Waters this year I had rave reviews of the Cous Cous with sundried tomatoes and smoked tuna (from the foil tuna packages). Took moments to make. If I remember right I used 2 packs of the quick cook couscous and 2 packages of tuna for 3 guys.

Other hits in the past have been Zatarains cheesy dirty rice with summer sausage (could substitute the foil package chicken or use pepperoni). Also hamburger helper with dehydrated ground beef.

Breakfast and lunch we always take the easy road with oatmeal, peanut butter, bagels or tortillas, and pepperoni.

Good luck


Burritos for dinner
Tortillas, cheese, onions all last over a week. You can add dried and rehydrated tomatoes.

Dehydrated black beans are very tasty and last forever. You can also bring a tube of olive paste. Spread beans thickly on tortilla, put tortilla in skillet on medium flame (if your stove lets you), add the cheese in single layer, then add other stuff. Wait till cheese starts to melt and roll it up. The only problem with this is that you can usually make only one burrito at a time, but they’re so tasty.

I’ve also made dehyrated chili as a side dish for big eaters. Look in health food stores or good markets. The brands they have there are much better than the stuff that’s made for backpackers.


3-can chili
1 can pre-spiced chili beans, crumbled boca burger, 1 can diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, 1 onion, 1 green pepper. Best if simmered longer. Delicious!

Chili, pastas, hearty stews and soups are all good standards. Here is how you win their admiration - make some side dish that will add colour, texture, flavour, or all three.

Quickbreads: Pappoosas, bannock or injera (Sp.?) - add the corn (or other)-flour mix and a bit of water, and fry them lightly. Simple, cheap, non-perishable but really satisfying with chilli.

Another great chili add-on is corn chips. To keep them fresh, but fit them in your hatch, put a pin hole in the bag, squeeze out the air, and seal with tape. Add a can of salsa and a little cheddar and you have an appetizer.

Some dried vegetables (carrots, beets) make great salads with a little lemon juice and sugar. Make sure to pre-hydrate early.

Bring a special bottle of hot sauce or other condiment. The extras are key, in my opinion.

Whatever you catch
with some lime juice and whatever spices you want. Bringing canned seafood to Baja is like bringing an inflatable doll to an orgy.

Ooohh, just tried something new!!
Zatarains has ready to heat full meals in a plastic pouch. While they are really meant for the microwave there is no reason you couldn’t heat them in boiling water or dump them in a pot to heat. They are tasty!!!

Breakfast-Use the dehydrated hashbrowns from the grocery store (Betty Crocker makes a good one) They also have the pre-packaged bacon that does not need refridgeration and cooks up very quickly. I even like the coffee bags. It is not the real thing but they pack well. Also with a scoop of hot chocolate you have a Mocha.

Lunch- The Bear Creek soups are great. They come in a relativley small package and you add 8 cups of water so it makes alot. By adding some of the bagged ckicken it makes a great meal.

Dinner-Start out with prepackaged, dehydrated (Gordon Foods)re-fried beans.They are really good and with some fresh tortillas it is a great start. Find the tortillas that are not refridgerated. Then make chicken and cheese quesadillas. Bring a jar of salsa and it is great. You can also bring a couple of limes and and a few avacados and a scallion and make fresh guacamole. Airtight seal some fresh cookies (they are really good and sealing them changes the texture) and you will have your fellow campers going to bed with a full tummy.

Have fun

Scampi or pasta with canned clams is a staple of mine. You need a can or two of chopped clams, a little olive oil and a couple cloves of garlic. I use angel hair pasta because it cooks real quick, or Success Rice for the scampi. If you use pasta the vegetarians in your group can just have pasta with garlic and olive oil. A small Nalgene container of grated parmesan cheese and some red pepper flakes are a nice addition.

Another staple of mine is boullibase.

1/2 package of Knorrs boullibase mix.

1 14 oz can of clams with juice

1 can of shrimp

1 can of crabmeat

1 can of mussels

1 can of solid white tuna

1 6 oz can diced tomato and juices

2 cups water

bring mix and water to a boil, add everything else, cook about 5 minutes and serve as is, or over noodles.

appreciate the suggestions so far.

this is for a group of like 12 mixed veg heads and non veges.

as much as fresh fish sounds good, i don’t want to count on having to catch something to feed everyone.


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Breakfast: Saltwater taffy. A cup of boiling lakewater to whet your whistle.

Lunch: A can of tuna. Spread on sweaty palm liberally, eat like hungry dog with mouth. Wash down with Tang.

Dinner: Leftover tuna, with more saltwater taffy for dessert. Thirsty? Swallow your spit.

That was easy enough. Now let me go to Advice and read about making a Greenland paddle.

Peppered smoked salmon, cabbage
and cous cous, preferably the garlic variety. You will win big time kudo’s if you break out a bottle of McCallan’s 15 year old cask single malt for your dessert of backpacker pantry Tiramisu.


skip the burritos then
I can’t imagine how to cook for 12 in the field on day 6 from a kayak. Lyn

corn chips are great
i saw someone said corn chips were a good idea, i bring corn chips whenever i go camping, sure theyre a good snack, but its also a great way to get a fire going. light up a corn chip and youll see what i mean

Pneit’ Butteau (from a tube, on a spoon)
Crunchy or Creamy is personal preference ofcourse.

Does Papa John’s deliver there?

I do have a thing for Ramen noodles, and peanut butter, and jelly sandwich/crackers.

The tuna in foiled packs is the bomb.

Buying a good dehydrator, and the VERY long list of what you can dehydrate yourself is well worth the consideration of expense, time, and effort if you camp alot.

I do recommend not using the cheap dehydrators. Many reason why that you’ll learn if you do a bit of research. You can decide that for yourself.

Here’s a great guide for dehydrating, recipes, etc… Vegitarian book available as well.




Have it Catered!

This site is only an example, but I bet a creative soul could get a motorboat with meals for twelve DELIVERED!

Call a few outfitters, give them a location, have them meet you with a boat on day six, provide motorized resupply, take out your trash, and maybe even do the cooking and cleanup!

Think of how big a hero you will be if you secretly plan this, and on the morning of day six, the caterer shows up to serve breakfast, and supply ICE COLD drinks for the group during the day, with NO sharing of chores, just Eat and Drink…

Bet you could get a ONE DAY DEAL from one of the Baja outfitters…

Yes on the Zatarains!

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Get 2 boxes of their New Orleans Jambalaya mix, cans of chicken and add canned shrimp, scallops, or whatever seafood you like. Cook the jambalaya according to directions, and dump the meat in just long enough to heat it. Yum. Easy, feeds an army, and has huge flavor.


food dehydrator

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do you have a food dehydrator? if so there are some great things that you could make. let me know and I can direct you to some good recipes.

I also noticed someone linked to Lipsmackin' Backpackin' - funny I just launched the website for the authors this morning. http://www.booksbyconners.com