Directions - Buffalo to Eleven Point

Looks like I will be driving east on Highway 62 up to Mountain Home, Ar to start. At Mountain Home I have a couple of options for continuing on to Riverton, Mo.

  1. Continue east on 62/412 then use Highway 9 to go up to Thayer, Mo and then 142 over to 93 and up to Riverton.

  2. Take Highway 5 north into Mo and then take Highway 160 over to Alton and Riverton

  3. Go east across Norfork Lake and take highway 87 north then take highway 142 east to Thayer, Mo, then continue on 142 to highway 93 just south of Riverton

    Option 1 seems shortest, but Highway 9 could be a slow drive.

    Option 2 seems longest but seems to stay on more major highways.

    Option 3 About same distance as option 1. Again highway 142 seems to be minor roadway so it might be slow.

    Anyone want to suggest best route or offer info on driving conditions on Highway 9 SW out of Thayer, Mo

    or for Highway 142 along souther Mo border from Highway 87 over to Thayer, Mo and then to just south of Riverton.


Mark, maybe check with these folks

Probably Driven Between our Place…
…and Mountain Home 50 times or more; we used to have a cabin between Flippin & Yellville. You’ve got hills, curves, and little towns any way you go. Every way is about the same milelage, but MY preferred route was to just take Hwy 101 north out of Mountain Home because there’s almost no traffic until you get to 160. Hwy 101 takes you up to Hwy 160 a bit west of West Plains. From there, just stay on 160. If you DO go through Thayer, stop at Mammoth Springs, AR (opposite side of the border from Thayer). Nice park on the Spring River and a fish hatchery. The little greasy spoon cafe on the hill on the south bank of the Spring River there used to be pretty good too. WW