directions st croix rver nb

looking to put in st croix for 2-3 day paddle. I have heard vaceboro is the place to put in. directions from st stephen and any other usefull info would be appreciated.


Good paddling
I recommend you start by reading here-

I also recommend this book-

St. Croix Maine and New Brunswick
was the original posters question… I never knew there was one in the midwest too!

There is alot of information here

There is a canoe map too. Most of the campsites on the map seem to be on the Canadian side. It might be easier to cross into Canada by car and stay on that side of the river. I am not sure how picky Customs is…It can be very…

My map is titled the St.Croix Waterway Recreation Area and is published by the New Brunswick Department of Tourism.

thats a good map
I’ve done that trip in a canoe 3 times—Best place to put in is Vanceboro just below the dam on the US side–best take out is at the Loon Bay Lodge. Easiest way to drive there is by car from St Stephen across to Calais up Rt 1 to rt 6(I think) then east to Vanceboro–can’t miss it–you can spot a car down at Loon Bay by driving down an old tote road on the US side of the river and leaving your vehicle there.

That would explain
why I don’t know where Vaceboro is. There is a St Stephen in Minnesota so I made the assumption it was the St. Croix on the MN/WI border.

There is

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a little camping area in vanceboro, I can't remember the name of it but it is online. you can launch from there and they will arange pick-up (for a price of course) they are very nice and accomadating. there are more campsites on the canadain side than the american and theyare also kept up better(which is a disgrace. all this info is a couple years old because it has been that long since I have done this trip, but need to do it again. Found the name of camping area it is Russell's landing phone 207 788-3980

actually its “Vanceboro”

I suppose
that technically its illegal to start on the American side then camp on the canadian–but everbody does it and I’ve never heard of anybody getting into trouble

I have heard of canoeists
getting chased by Customs…but then thats hearsay and maybe a backwoods legend…

These days you never know…good luck getting a straight answer.

I am canadian
and will be putting in on new brunswick side. not to worried about customs. just camp where ever lookls good for the night.


the campsites on the canadian side are
better than those on the us side—your tax dollars at work—ours go to Iraq and to feel good rebates that mean nothing.

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you guys have an idiot like bush spending your money on wars that make him rich and give the US a bad name abroad. I wish you still had clinton.


only about 330 days until Crawford gets its village idiot back

paddling the St. Croix
I have paddled the St. Croix several times. I put in at Vanceboro and take out at Kellyland. Sunrise canoe and kayak will shuttle you from Kellyland for a small fee. Parking of your vehicle there is free. I have found the Canadian side campsites to be nicer, but depends on the size of your group. Let me know if you need further detailed info. Will be happy to supply.

Bush–Clinton–that’s not much of a
choice—each is a flawed individual.

Sunrise is
a really good outfitter.

don’t know alot about him really or does anybody?

I think canadians just liked him cause he seemed more laid back. but really none of it matters at all when I’m out in my YAK and I will refrain from talkin politics any more.

cheers have fun.

we can all paddle on the same water.

well between main and new Bruinswick any ways!

bye bye happy paddling.


Is Sunrise the same as, or associated
with, the Sunrise Expeditions who run canoe trips all over the place? I went with Maine Guides Mike and Larry on a Sunrise trip on the San Juan in Utah some time ago.

the same
They run trips all over North America

Update: in Vanceboro, Russell’s Landing, Gail Russell, will still shuttle your car from Vanceboro to Loon Bay or Kelleyland Dam for a very reasonable price. 207-788-3980. Russell’s Landing is adjacent to the RR bridge in Vanceboro, on the downstream side. Had a great trip down the St. Croix from Vanceboro to Kelleyland (Maine/New Brunswick boundary) last weekend. Water was low, so lots of rocks, many stretches of rapids that are probably usually drowned, but always passable. Watch out for Little Falls (we took it on the right - or portage) and Canoose Ledge - we lined it on the left. These were the only spots that might be more than class 2.