dirigo 12 by old town or marvel 12 by na

Im looking for any helpful imformation about the marvel 12. seems that not alot of people have bought one or heard of. Can anyone tell me which kayak would be better for fishing and cruising flat water?

I don’t know anything about the Marvel kayak but the Dirigo is an excellent fishing and slow water kayak.

Same as above
Not familiar with the Marvel , but I have one Dirigo .I am 5’11" and 180 lbs ( before the holidays).

It has been great for me in rivers and lakes for cruising .I prefer a solo canoe for fishing , but that is just me , I carry everything but a kitchen sink , I couldn 't get the sink to drain for some reason ! I have found that casting out of the canoe is much easier than out of the kayak. And as I said the additional room in the canoe for the tackle box , cooler , anchor , rods , dry boxes , net , spare paddle , food , gps , camara , binoculars , and phone at arms length are a necessity ( physical or moral compulsion ) for me . lol !


Native kayak
We have two Native Ultimates and love the seating for fishing and watching/photographing birds. Looks like the Marvel has the same cool seating we have only it attaches differently. Being able to pop the seat out saves 6 lbs of loading weight which for me is a big deal-maybe not for you. The Native hulls seem to be of pretty consistent high-quality. Any chance to paddle the two? I’d want to know which boat felt more stable and tracked and turned best for fishing. That being said-if you are going to fish a lot you can’t beat the Ultimates.

Marvel hull designed by same guy
who designed Pungo hull. Has some of the same characteristics as Pungo, although not quite as stable in my experience. Ultimate dubs it internally as the “pungo killer” but the jury is still out. It paddles nicely and the seat is excellent, flexible, adjustable and removable. I give points to the Marvel for seat adjustment, but paddle them both, its the only way to decide. You won’t go wrong either way.