Dirigo 120 seat issue-is Old Town

planning on retrofitting the existing seats? Also looking for any additional comments about this problem and wondering if its only the 120 or if it is all of this years extrasport seats?

Most all of the first
extra sport seats had that problem. I was suppose to take pictures on how we fixed the problem with a plastic wire wrap. But when I got to the shop Saturday we were out of boats with that seat. We just got a new shippment in Thursday so when I go in tomorrow I will take pictures of how to fix the problem. It is real easy to do just hard to explain. I tried on an earlier post about this.

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Let me see if I can do this. http://community.webshots.com/myphotos?action=viewAllPhotos&albumID=95482859

if clicking on it doesn’t work. you’ll have to type it in.

sorry I’ll try again

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Sorry they came out dark batterie was low, I didn't have a flash, and it was cloudy yesterday. I hope this helps. This is a seat in a dirigo. It is the same seat in a Casco. You can call Old Town and tell them. They will send you new side parts that hold better. But I would still wire tie them anyway.