Dirigo 120 slow?

I have read the Dirigo 12’ can be a bit slow, but not having row it personally, how does it compare to the axis 12, pungo 12’?

Not looking to get a speed demon, but just want to see if it would not fit if i paddle with a group on flat lake.

Very similar
They’re both 12’ rec boats and the Dirigo is just over an inch narrower but the speeds are going to be very similar and on the slow side. While length and width aren’t the only factors in speed they are by far the most significant ones and with a recreational design a lack of speed is simply the trade off for the initial stability of the wide hull.

Both the Dirigo and Pungo are good boats within their design constraints but if you want to go faster then think longer and narrower. You’ll soon get used to a slightly less stable boat.

By the way…
You paddle a kayak, you don’t row it. Completely different activity.

I own a Dirago-12
and my daughters mom owns a Pungo-12 and we tend to remain the same speed.

I have no trouble keeping up with 14’ boats but am lost when with 16’ boats.

The Dirago was not made for speed but it does well.

I moved to a Carolina-145 only because the Dirago-1q2 cannot go upstream well due to the length-vs-width thing.

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