Dirigo 120 vs Pamlico 120

Has anyone paddled both of these boats? I own the Dirigo 120 (which I like) but my local dealer has a Pamlico 120 (which looks pretty nice and has a seat that gets great reviews) on sale at $439. I am weak and am very tempted to try it out BUT in reality it seems a lot like the Dirigo and weighs about the same (if I have a complaint about my photographer-friendly Dirigo it is the weight).

tried the 140 versions of both.
I own the pamlico 140, and I tried a Dirigo 140 out at a demo. Both were equally nice in performance to me. I imagine the 120s are quite simular to the sister models.

Pamlico 120

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I have a Pamlico 135 Tandem and I have to agree that the Phase 3 Lite seat is pretty comfortable. The day I demoed and bought the tandem I had a little extra time so I tried several of the other boats the dealer had out, including a Pamlico 120. Maybe I needed to allow more time to adjust to it but I found the tracking left a little to be desired. The demo was at a 20 acre lake at the local state park and I took each of the boats I demoed out to the middle of the lake and then pointed it at a large tree at the opposite end and paddled straight for it. The Pungo 120, the Pamlico 135T and the Tsunami 145 I tried all had no trouble staying on target. The Pamlico 120 required probably twice the corrective strokes to get the same effect....shorter boat and flatter bottom I suppose. The Pungo 120 or 140 would be a better ride but, unfortunately, you don't find either of them on sale for anywhere near $439...$700+ is the norm there.

oh yeah, It’s great!
So comfy, I’ve paddled for hours and I was comftorble all the time. never felt uncomftorble in my pamlico 140.