Dirigo 120

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I am a first time kayak buyer and was wondering if anyone had any comments on the Old Town Dirigo 120. I would be using it on a lake most of the time. Is this a good kayak for that or should I look in a completely different direction? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

I have one
My Dirago is the FIRST boat I ever bought new. My other 10 were all used.

I got it because I wanted a camping kayak and though have not gone overnight, the boat is light and tracks well and keeps my gear dry.

My ONLY complaint is that the stern hatch is a bit too small for my camping tupperware which forces me to buy smaller boxes or bag my gear.

Great boat!!!

Demo if possible
Hi! I am a new at this also. I went to a demo and tried the Old Town Cayuga 146 and a Manitou 13. The Manitou is more in the price range of the one you are looking at. Let me tell ya this boat is sweet, easy to paddle and talk about fast. I bought both LOL but wanted the extra storage that the Cayuga provided but the Manitou was less money and is great to paddle. If you can demo definitly give this one a try too.

Good Luck

Demo the Loon 111 ( both classic and new
and the Loon 120, if you can find one. The Loons are nice kayaks, have similar characteristics as those of the Dirigo, and may be less expensive. If you fish, the Dirigo comes ready to fish, but part of the pleasure of owning a kayak that you fish from is rigging it to suit your needs, most likely at less cost than one set up at the factory.