Dirigo 140 on the Joppa Flats/ocean?

I was reading about spray skirts imploding and sinking Kayaks. Is the cockpit of a Dirigo 140 (18.5 x 48) too large to be safely skirted to use in and off of the local bays like Joppa, Plum Island sound and Great Bay? Is my boat apropriate?



I don’t know those areas…
… but, I do have a Dirigo 140 with a skirt.

I haven’t tested it, but I can’t imagine that the skirt will take much to implode. It’s just a really large area to try and keep supported.

For me, I’m only comfortable taking the boat to protected & calm/flat-water areas (skirt or no skirt).

Your results and experiences my vary. That all said - have you put any flotation in the bow? Mine had none, so I made a giant float bag for it.

You should be fine

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I paddle and sail my open canoes in all of those places, sometimes with my kids in their kayaks (no skirts). Since you are behind Plum Island (or inland in Great Bay) you won't be exposed to the ocean swell.
You will be exposed to the wind, tides, currents and boat wakes so it does make sense to pay attention to current conditions.

The mouth of the Merrimack and Ipswich bay (Plum Island to Rockport) can be pretty rough at times both from tidal currents and incoming swells. You might not want to go there without a fair bit of experience.

Thanks Tommy!
Exactly the kind of advice I was hoping for.