Dirigo, Nunu, or Pamlico

Use for kayaks will be up to 4 hour trips on flat rivers, lakes and ocean bays. I’m looking for recommendations from anyone that has tried at least 2 of these 3 kayaks.

Kayaks that I am considering are the OT Dirigo 106, ClearWater Nunu or Pamlico 100.

Any comments are appreciated.

I thnk the Dirigo 106 will track better
and is faster than the Pamlico 100. I have paddled a Dirigo 106,120,140, and own a Pamlico 140.

None of the above
All are nice little kayaks, but for that long at time on the water, a longer kayak would be better. The Dirigo 120 would be a good choice.

I agree.
There are few cases where I’d be after a 10’ boat. 12’ is about my (off the cuff) minimum.

if you weigh 200+ even a 12 footer
is too short. IMHO, anything below 12’ belongs in a farm pond or a whitewater rivder.

All short rec boats are worthless
So why can’t I find a used one for sale?

We keep 'em for our friends
and relatives to use. Got my first, it was a 9.5 Necky Skye, sitting ready should someone not have a ride.

Why these three?
I’d be surprised if this was the first time you’d heard that any of these apprx’ly 10 ft boats may be questionable for that long a time of paddling or more boat may be a better idea for ocean bays. So why these three?

While I personaly prefer a 12 foot boat, rather than leave it at that I’m going to do something that may be just a little bit unusual on this board and actualy try and respond to your question. In my very humble opinion, the pamlico is out of it’s class on your list. I would personaly say that the pungo is the wilderness systems equivalent of the dirigo. The pamlico is a wonderful entry level boat and much cheaper than the dirigo, so if price is more important, I would consider the pamlico. But if both are in your price range I would go with the Dirigo as it is a much better all around boat. As for the Nunu, I have not paddled one, but I think I would definatly go with one of the longer boats.

More than likely
you could have a great trip in any of them as long as you aren’t trying to cover a lot of distance in that 4 hours. If you are trying to hang with guys in 14+ footers, you’ll need to be in pretty good shape and develop some good paddling technique.

Starting out, you might cover about 10 miles in 4 hours at a moderate pace. If you want to cover 5 miles, it’ll be easy going, if you want to cover 15 miles, you’re gonna break a serious sweat.


NuNu is a NoNo!
Slow, hard to maneuver barge. Will turn you off kayaking.

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