Disco 119

I have had the chance to put some water under all three kayaks this spring and even got to take the Boy out on the little “kid seat” on the Dirigo 140. He liked it but, you know, it was missing something. He could onl look backwards and had to sit perfectly still and all that. So, I am thinking about letting that boat go (but gee it’s fast compared to every thing else in the fleet ESPECIALLY with the “ballast” on the front seat) and getting a solo canoe. I think that I would prefer a canoe to the kayaks for lake/pond fishing ( I DON’"T like the 140 as a fishing platform and when I took the SOT out I felt like I was trying to smuggle weed in an A-10 Warthog: Overkill) and that the Boy would be happier in a folding beach chair in the front of that instead of the kayak’s jump seat.

So, I was thinking that the Discovery 119 wold be a cheep, durable, stable boat that could handle us both for a few years to come and be more fun and practical.

The review are great on it. Just looking for some input from any one who might have paddled one.

Just got done
Fishing out of my 25 year old 119 - lots of bass ald bluegills have come to that boat at the end of a fly rod. The boat is a fine solo canoe for fairly limited purposes and would likely handle a small child if you are not too large. The boat is fairly slow and does not track terribly well. Some of that goes away with a double paddle but with a single blade a far amount of effor is expended keeping it straight. I have often wondered if I would have been happier with an OT Pack. That 10 lb difference in weight would make it easier to load and unload. If i have loaded and unloaded that boat 1000 times in the last two and a half decades that would be 10,000 lbs or five tons of extra lifting. No wonder I am tired.


OT 158
I have been paddling my 158 on extended trips for over 12 years now. Stable if you fish, I don’t, and is good with two people in it. It isn’t pretty or light but it is rock solid. I think you would do well with either the 119 but a longer boat would offer more room and more stability. Just my .02 worth.

We also have…
… a 17 foot Grumman for family outings. I’m jut looking for a little something for me and the Boy. The Pack is tippier, no? Perhaps I’ll win the Wee Lassie in the raffle!

Only reason…
the Pack is tippier is the placement of the seat. The seat is farther forward on the 119, otherwise the two hulls are so similar that with similar seat placement they will perform the same.

I’m not too sure the 119 would be real good for you and the boy. I’ve found every solo canoe I’ve had, including the Pack, is pretty much a one person boat and adding another person, even a small one, makes it pretty tippy, probably as much as anything because the second person has to be so near the front or back end of the canoe. If the boy is small and you can put him just in front of you without the thwart getting in the way it might be okay, but if you have to put him close to the front or back end you’ll feel tippy.

For some reason
once you break that 14 foot line you either get ridiculous weight or ridiculous cost and either way, it takes some of the joy out of it for me. I guess I can shop around for used bats but there is so much overpriced junk out there.

“Canoe for sale. $500 firm”

“What KIND of canoe?”