Disco 119k

Just picked up a 2nd OT Discovery yesterday. I have a 158 for my wife and I, but wanted a solo for me and the pup if I take him that is easy to load/unload solo. I picked up a OT Disco 119K on Craigslist for 200. Minor scrapes and scratches, wicker seat in fine condition. All-in-all, the boat is in near mint condition. My 2 questions are: How can I tell how old this boat is? (Previous owner didnt purchase it orignally, and never used it, he claimed) What the heck does the K stand for? They dont use the K anymore as far as I can see. Thank you for your help. Doug

k = keel

DERP on my part. Thanks…I feel a bit silly.

AGE by serial number
Almost all serial numbers reveal the year of manufacter and its usually the last two digits. On modern Old Town canoes,…it is stamped into the plastic near the stem gunwale.