Discover Aurora

Has anyone owned or test paddled one of these? Has anyone seen one. I am considering buying one but I will have to travel quite a ways and want to know as much as possible before I invest the time. I checked out Seawards web sight but they really dont give to much information. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks, Jaws

Have not paddled that boat,i have seen and paddled a couple of Seaward’s boats. They are well made. You should test paddle any boat you buy and make sure you are comfortable in the boat. Buying a boat you end up not liking can be an expensive mistake. Good luck. Vaughn Fulton

Haven’t paddled,but looked at. It’s the entry-level seaward product,aimed at beginners of large build that want a stable price-point fiberglass boat that’ll carry a lot of stuff and have a lot of room for someone with a big build. They have the cheap old style deck fittings for the bungies, not the recessed molded-in type that most newer kayaks have. Closest thing to it i paddled was a 2005 Seaward Tyee and honestly it didn’t do anything for me, but it was very well built. I think if you’re under 210lbs or so,it may be too big for you. Sorta comparable to a WS Tsunami 165? i think?

I have own an Aurora for four years now
It is an excellent boat, like all the other Seawards.cockpit is roomy and the seat very confortable. The hatches opening

are the biggest I have ever seen and the storage size is huge!!

Because of its lenght it takes some effort to turn quickly but the traking is excellent and it is also a very stable kayak. The finishing and details on this kayak is superb. I highly recommend this boat.