discovered a new island off Stonington

sunday—went out for a day paddle with a buddy–We had never been to this island before but it is open to the public for both day and camping trips and apparently is not used that much—probably because it is not on the Maine Island Trail and is a little set off from most of the other islands–it’s about 3–4 miles from Old Quarry and I’m not going to say which one it is because I want to keep use to a minumum–that’s right I’m being selfish—absolutly gorgeous island though with a nice little cove on the far side. Any Stonington experts care to guess which one it is?

I aint no expert but

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Saddleback looks like it might be pretty nice.
Probably wrong but just thought I would guess.

PS you said you were going to Saddleback in an earlier post. 3.5+- miles from Old Quarry. Am I a genius or what?
I did a daytrip around Isle au Haut not too long ago from Stonington. Every spit of land in the area looked fantastic. Very colorful. Lots of life in the water and overhead. I mean I couldn't see a darned thing (fog was as thick as I have ever seen it) until I was on my way back but once the sun broke through it was pretty nice. It was a little weird paddling without visual references for the first part of the trip but fantastic anyways.
From the looks of Saddleback on google Earth I am sure the place would be a treat.

right you are

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and I never thought anybody reads these posts---great island and although I've paddled in Stonington Isle Au Haut area for years and guided there for 4 years, I've never been to Saddleback----now for anybody who reads this, don't go there its an awful place. ps--yesterday was like the day you went---in and out of fog and sun---absolutly gorgeous