discovery 119 solo

Can anybody tell me a little something about this canoe? Im 6’3 265. The one im looking at is the Kay-Noe version made by old town which Im being told is the discovery 119 solo. I like this model because of its size and weight. A kayak would be nice but I like to bring some gear when I go out including my 27# dog.Im having trouble deciding because it has such mixed reviews. I only paddle slow rivers and lakes for recreation.Most reviews state a bad seat.Sure enough. I sat in it at the dealer it was bad.Reviews stated the seat needed lowering I did not see this as a problem, just the seat was uncomfortable too short.

How is its stability? It doesnt have a flat bottom like the pack solo and has a little more rocker.

Im on a budget and they will give it to me for $349

What do you think.It seems kind of strange buying something new knowing you have to modify it.good deal ,bad deal. thanks for your help. love this site.

Normally I Wouldn’t Comment About…

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....a canoe I'd never paddled. But you listed your size and we're similar, except I'm 6'2". Ive paddled 3 12' canoes. Every one felt too small for me. Also, big guys like us sink the stems of the canoe, and shorter boats will be sunk deeper, making even a short boat difficult to turn and maneuver for someone over sized for that hull.

IMHO the smallest boat I'd consider would be something like the Wenonah Fusion or Mohawk Solo 14. I've owned a Solo 14 and it's a good solo boat for a big guy. Personally, I paddle a Mad River Explorer 15 that I converted to a solo boat. A little wide, but I can fish and take pictures and not worry about swimming.

I know, it's hard to pass up a good deal. And I may be wrong, but I'd be leery of comments on how this boat paddles unless the review comes from someone our size. Here's a link to that Fusion. Good luck! WW

Old Town Discover 119

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Got to Reviews(top of page), and log in there.
When boat manufacturers comes up; go to Old Town Canoes reviews.
See Discovery 119 model; there are 33 reviews there.
The majority of reviewers are 119 owners, or people who have paddled the 119.

I agree with wildernesswebb.
Proabably a little undersized for your weight.
You & your dog are over 290 lbs..You wanted to carry some gear too. That would easily
bring your total load to over 300 lbs; maybe up to 315 lbs.?


I’m your size and you will need at least a 14’ hull for what you want to do…15’ would be better (and you would be happier)

Another big guy here…
I agree… that boat is tad small, although it is wide. I had a Discovery 149 for a while, it was OK… My Supernova(solo tripping boat) is almost 15’ long and my Big blue boat is 17’ and I handle it solo without a problem. It all depends on what you can handle. I would go with at least a 14’ boat. You can put a center seat into about anything.

lookin’ way too short

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for ya'. Maybe on a pond, but 300 pounds of you and dog are going to compromise stability greatly. Dang Chaz, wish you lived closer, I'd loan you a canoe or 6, let you compare. I'm feeling your pain, new and well, new.
Anything used out your way for around the same price?
Agreein' with the above, 15' would be a lot better, 16' would be a canoe for life.

I cant speak for the 119, but I have a Pack which I think is the same boat just in Royalex? Anyway, I really like my OT pack and find it very comfortable with an addon seat back.

But, Are You 6’3" and 265?
Not dismissing the boat, but it’s really too small for HIS size. Here’s a pic of me (almost exact same size) in a 12’ Bell Bucktail alongside someone smaller in stature, and more appropriately “Fitted” to that same model boat. WW

Discovery 119

I have had this boat for about 25 years, am 6’3", about 230#, and will never again see my 60th birthday. I use the boat to fly fish from. It is a bit of a barge - short and wide - and is not trivial to make go in a straight line. It will hold your weight but you are really pushing it (for that matter I am pushing it and would not want it on big water). As a light weight tub it is easy to load and unload, will get you into places to fish, and is reasonably bulletproof. It is also slow, easily wind blown, and I would never use it for where either distance or time were important. I suspect that the other suggestions are all pretty much on track. You would likely be happier with a bit bigger boat.