Discovery Sport for Recreation?

DH & I are looking to buy a canoe. We found a used Old Town Discovery Sport for a decent price. We aren’t planning on fishing and not necessarily using a motor right away. We do like the option of being able to have a motor though with the square stern. We live in the Puget Sound area & will be using it to just casually row/paddle around various inlets/harbors & lakes. Is this not going to work for that? We want something stable as I have a knee issue. We also like the idea of being able to bring a third person and/or our dog. Is it just too awkward to paddle/row if we’re not using a motor? Any advice would be helpful.

Jennifer you can paddle or row this hull almost anywhere. It will not be as easy to paddle as a double ended canoe of similar length, but it will get you on the water. The big problem will be its portability. It is HEAVY, 105# of heavy. Much easier on a trailer than on a cartop. Getting it to the water and back home will be your biggest challenge. And from my experience the heavier a paddle craft the less it gets used.Bill