Disposable Mesh Bags?

On a recent post someone mentioned a disposable mesh bag for picking up trash when paddling. I’ve called a few outfitters in my area and the had no idea of what I was talking about. Anyone know where I can get these (if they really exist)?

Could they have meant
the bags that potatoes or onions come in?



Bait Bags?
Commercial fishermen use mesh bags for bait. They are inexpensive, sturdy and usually sold in lots of 10 or 12.

See http://www.hamiltonmarine.com

Produce department
Check with your friendly locally owned and operated grocery store (NOT wally world). The produce department manager should have some spare bags for repackaging that would work just fine.


Talk about thinking out side the box
Thanks guys. I never would have thought about trying in those directions.

For smaller items, try used p-hose
You can cut off sections, tie knots to close an end, and use those as disposable mesh bags.