Dispute over docking priviledges


At least no real young ones by now in the year. They might not have let you near either dock.

You need a dock master. They listen to retrievers.


Yep. I was in Ann Arbor yesterday without my dockmaster.

True they get real protective when they’re are chicks. They get help from last year’s kids , cousins, etc once the eggs hatch. First “outting” is a line with momma in the lead honking,honking…honking. Little ones following in the swim line. Dad, the Drake, is doing sweep, side guards, etc. It trains chicks to keep together. But more importantly is a coming out party for the flock. Then you see the family swimming with the flock nearby after that.

The last picture second bird from left is probably one of this year’s little ones. The far right bird is likely the Drake.

Often the geese and/or ducks will send in the Drake to check out the dock. If it climbs up unopposed the flock will swim over and move to the dock. It is a standard tactic at sundown.

Sea lions have taken over a lot of the docks on the Oregon Coast. They are not so easy to negotiate with.

One of the best things about canoes and kayaks is that you do not need a dock.

Over the edge.
So they alleged,
all flocked up and playing loose.
So hard to be civi.
Damn place is their privi!
Duck dock doc! For shore don’t get goosed.

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Occasionally the Dockmaster,
to the most fowl barks his wrath,
But then he takes his roll much further,
and he and director both take a bath.

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Agreed. On the other hand when you have an empty park and a dock designed for canoes it makes for a nice pit stop. I’ve been at this dock hundreds of times in the past when we lived in Ann Arbor, it’s about 1/4 mile upstream of where the University of Michigan launches their sculls. The dock was built 12-15 years ago do it’s interesting to see it starting to warp and age. If there were sea lions they’d be mellow, progressive Ann Arbor sea lions and would act just like the geese.

Well things change. Our dock gets fewer geese and ducks…it’s cause the dog chases them…but might also be the 6ft gator that moved in to the creek two weeks ago. :unamused:

We are fencing the bulkhead.

Sometimes you do
We have a six foot drop between the edge of land and the water
Amd with 24 foot tides low tide is way easier with a floating dock over breaking an ankle on rockweed