Distance from point A to B

Hey, I’m new to this app and was wondering if there’s a way to see the distance between 2 locations before the trip? How long it will take and so on, kind of like google maps but on the water. Am I not seeing something?
Thanks for your help

Time and distance can vary massively.

You can measure distance in google maps. Just right click and start plotting a path

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Why can’t you use Google Earth to plot points and caclulate distances on water? For the 1000 mile Yukon River race, I plotted my planned route for the entire distance and each leg segment. I transfer the coordinates into an Excel program I wrote to label the waypoints shown on this map segment in tenths of a mile starting from the race start point in Whitehorse. It also calculates and labels right/left turns (RT/LT) and estimated time of arrival for my pit crew based on prior expected and continuously updated paddling speed.


I have found that using google maps and tracing the river’s path using the “measure distance” feature gives mileage estimates that correlate pretty well with topographic and other river map references as well as GPS estimates from paddling the actual river.