Distance to water dimension poll

As I was paddling yesterday I was thinking about where my butt was in relation to the water. I am using 6" drop bolts for the seat, a contoured cane seat, and an inflatable pad with minimum air pressure.

Sitting upright in my Magic, arms hanging overboard at the side, my thumbs just touched the water.

Now I am curious about other solo boat paddlers. Not kneelers, but sitters - how low is your seat in relation to the water? Next timwe you are out paddling, how about taking this simple measurement?


Curious Jim

Wouldn’t the gunnel beam come into play there since the angle of your arms could be different with different beam/tumblehome?


Specific Density
It would also matter if the water was fresh or salty, aerated or not, and the temperature.

On the paddler side, the height/weight ratio of the paddler and the torso length. And if the paddler were a plumber, since their knuckles drag on the ground when walking.


True Tommy
but I have relatively wide shoulders and the Magic has severe tumblehome, so my hands seem to hang dtraight down.

Obviously this is a rough measurement. Kinda like Kentucky windage.