Ditch Stories

I’m in the process of creating a Ditch Bag and wonder what stories are out there where paddlers have really used them, not just wished they had them after the fact.

If you’ve prepped a Ditch Bag and had to use it, I’d like to hear your story, real world advice, and/or suggestions.

Best Waters!

I have a cold-water ditch bag and an overnight bag but have never used either. Lucky I guess.
Cold water bag has a reflective blanket and some punk & matches. It is designed to keep the person warm!
My overnight bag is to help you survive a single night if you are trapped by weather. Tube tent, change of clothes, esbit stove, sierra cup, tea, water filter, fleece blanket.

Personally I never understood the need for one with maybe one exception. The one exception is if your way out and puncture a whole so big the boat sinks. Other wise why iam I ever going to abandon my boat? First for me personally I never come out of my boat. I roll up in any sea state. (not a white water guy). Even with broken arm roll up one handed. If you can take the time to grab a bag out of the boat that means you haven’t lost contact with said boat so why abandon? (Unless boat sinking). Plus you should have ON YOU things to help you survive. I have a PLB and a VHF attached to PFD. Plus emergency space blanket to stay warm while help arrives again if the boat sank.