Divorce: Free canoes and yaks from wife

-- Last Updated: Apr-02-07 2:30 AM EST --

If you live by this guy you are in luck. His wife is giving away his canoes and yaks because of a bitter divorce.


That’s mean. I bet you knew that that
link didn’t work.

I was working through the moral issues at the same time I was pasting in the link. Pretty funny.

Of course the right thing to do would be to accept the boats and then give them back to the guy. Easy to see that, now ;-).

Good one,

Paul s.

shorter lnk


How did you all do on the quiz?
I got one wrong. I recognized the pattern, but stayed honest (uh, stubborn) on my answers. I can’t believe the one I got wrong was really true!

Paul S.

At least my ex did not get to my boats
Aside from killing my dog and feeding him to me, she took my Burley tandem and Klein Pinnacle bicycles and locked them up down by the ocean right before a typhoon was approaching. I found them after a week and it was pretty sad. The Burley was rusted and the paint on the Klein was bubbled all over. I would rather she had sold them.

Chuck, how do you make a woman that mad?

I purchased a kayak

Sorry for the pain, but I think someone should mention that until one has tried marriage five or six times, how is one to know if it is what they enjoy or not?

She fed the dog to you. Dang.

5 or 6 times!!! I would say that person is a glutton for punishment!!!

I got a free canoe last year
Before I started working on it, I wrote the guy to make sure his wife didn’t stick in the front yard while he was in Vegas or something. He sent me the registration, so it’s legit.

  • Big D

…did this guy have any nice sportscars?