DIY Folks: Goretex At SeattleFabrics

Was checking their site to see what heat sealable nylon is costing now. Anyway, noticed that they now have Goretex and other breatheable/waterproof fabric as well available. I can think of several projects with that stuff (probably use cheaper Ultrex first).


Great idea, but I’m lazy
I keep thinking about ordering some breathable fabric from them and stitching up a new body tube for my old Snapdragon Sea Tour skirt. Maybe this winter…


Really An "Easy Job"
for anyone who has a sewing machine and is handy with one. My mom was a stitcher so anything that involves sewing with the machine is pretty much a cinch for me, after years and years of watching her work.


Got Ultrex from them awhile back
I made a heavy WW neo skirt into a neo/nylon skirt with a breathable tube. The sewing part wasn’t the hard part, but sealing it didn’t go quite as ‘smooth’ as I wanted it to. Anyway, it works really well, and it looks ok despite the aquaseal.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve been looking for some Goretex fabric.


I Am Thinking A Cag For
shorebreaks and changing.


My wife makes most of my paddling gear…
…including some absolute bomber splash shirts

and shorts. She makes them out of the same

polartec material that they use for wetsuits.

Comfortable through an astonishing temp range.

Nylon faced or urethand faced

– Last Updated: Jul-23-05 12:38 PM EST –

the urethane faced looks like an ultrathin wetsuit the nylon faced one looks about like a danskin or other stretchy fabric.

Ultra simple changing robe
Take two beach towels and sew them together on three sides, leaving openings for your head and arms. Done!

Won’t Do Much Though…
for a beach break in the midst of winter. Right now I just change with a towel wrapped around my waist.