DIY free standing 2-Canoe Rack plans

Howdy yall,

I need to build a simple FREE-STANDING 2-Canoe rack to fit in my garage to hold (2) 55# canoes - “bunkbed-style.” It will go on casters to be mobile.

While I am not Mr. Handy Shopman, I have drawn up my own plans but am at a standstill: How do I support the “upper” berth?

I was going to use all 2x4’s, doubled 2x4 uprights with 2x4 arms. The bottom berth is no problem. But I would love to hear good ideas for how to build the top “arms” to support the weight. Thanks, paddlers!

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My tandem is on the upper berth.
I just put an angled support arm 2x4 from the upright to about halfway out the upper berth.For extra support, I put an screw eye in the top of the upright and the end of the arm. When the boat is there I tighten a tie-down strap between the eyes.

rack holds 3 boats, alligator & gear

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I bought the brackets and 2x2's at the hardware store. Size and # of berths is completely customizable, depending what you want. I was limited by the clearance on my garage door opening. I put wheels on it so I can roll it out of the garage when I need working space. I put it together with screws, and when I moved, I took it apart and reassembled it at my new location. The bottom slot has a "floor" of scrap plywood. It holds 2 canoes, 1 kayak, an alligator, several paddles, coolers and a really big rubbermaid box for camping gear. It was super easy to build. Works for me.


That’s a pretty Rob Roy on top.

Thanks everyone!
I appreciate all your thoughtful replies and pix.

I neglected to say that my boats are both 16’. My garage space is tight plus the boat lengths make them a little cumbersome to just slide/feed them in from the front end, I figured.

As I will be doing all the loading/unloading myself, I intend to leave the “front side” of the rack/berths ‘open’. I was planning on making both berths so they will allow me to either ‘portage’ into the garage and simply slide the top boat off my shoulders and onto the berth and waist-carry the lower one in and do the same.

String - I had been thinking that there wouldn’t be room to do that and the bottom boat would hit the support arm - but maybe not. Thanks.

Hey Jill - my garage situation looks just like yours - except mine has way more junk! : )

thanks again!

Open Front Rack
You can craft something similar to this Talic rack using 2x4’s. Put castors on the feet for mobility. Use webbing to support the boats.

My rack is about 6’ tall and right now

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there are 3 kayaks on the bottom on edge and the canoe on top.The lower arm is about 18" from the ground and the upper about 5'.