DIY Hose Cart

I need to make a durable, sturdy cart for my garden hose…one with phneumatic tires and good balance that I can wind about 75’ of hose on. Those cheapo plastic ones available at home centers are crap…they tip over, leak, collapse and make me cuss alot. Any pictures or plans would be appreciated. Thanks

buy one
Sam’s and Costco both sell a steel hose cart with rubber tires for under $100. You can’t build one for that.


Look around for a used fire hose cart.
Won’t break.

had the same problem…
… with those crappy plastic carts. I found a relatively reasonably priced all metal unit at a local farm supply store.

If you have a Rural-King or Farm-n-Fleet near you it’s a good bet they’ll carry something.

Thanks for the info
Some reviews of the basic $99 model on Amazon mention rusting and wheel cocking…I still might give making one a try.

$69 at Sam’s Club
For a sturdy metal one on wheels. Just check them out closely. The employees assemble them and some were put together incorrectly.