DIY kayak repair

Earlier this summer the left foot brace on my Necky Rip kept releasing, so I contacted Necky and they sent a new one (in the interim, waterproof Duct tape holds it in place). In late July, the backrest jam cleat on the seat pulled out. Necky replaced the seat, which just arrived.

What tools will I need to do the seat and foot brace replacements? The kayak is down at the beach and my house is 52 steps up from the beach. I’d prefer to carry whatever tools I’ll need in one trip.


Necky had no suggestions?
I can’t picture what you need to do, but it might involve West G-flex epoxy and a propane torch.

No instructions,
although I had requested they be sent. Have sent another request to Necky.

Propane torch on a poly kayak? I think not.

poly kayaks are often repaired by
plastic welding procedures. But in your case, the only heat would be a propane flame passed briefly over plastic surfaces, to oxidize them, so the epoxy will stick.

That makes sense.
The foot brace might use epoxy, but not sure about that. I think it’s held to the side of the boat by a couple of bolts.

Looking at a closeup photo of the boat at the Necky site, it appears there are two screws/bolts/locknuts on each side of the kayak which connect to the seat. There are six pegs on the underside of the new seat which look like they fit into the shell of the boat - but they also have threads. Guess I’ll have to figure that one out once I get the existing seat out.

Admittedly, I’ve not used the Necky since I got the Eddyline and haven’t looked closely. Will do that when it stops raining.