DIY Kayak Storage Rack

Hi All-

It has been a long time since I posted but I need a little help and I thought this was the place to get some.

I need to make a rack that will hold my boats in my yard. I have a 17.5 NightHawk and Zoar Sport and a Perception 11 foot bathtub.

I need to do it on the cheap and make it sturdy.

What do you think?


yak racks
Here are links to a few DIY racks, wood 2X4’s or 1 1/2" PVC are popular materials, add some outdoor carpet strips as cushioning/protection.

Some more

UV rays.
i would reccommend not storing outside.

I can appreciate that but I have a big boat and a little cellar. A garage is a bit more rack than I can afford to make right now. Currently these are under cover all summer and in the winter they go off to a barn up in the village.

Just put some shade on the rack
like a tarp.