DIY outrigger/tent platform

Ok, I have a 17 foot kayak. I want to make an outrigger and platform to accommodate a bivy tent. Any ideas on how to make this right and safe? I have diy experience, if it can be imagined, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for your input!

How about…
Outriggers both sides, but set aft of the cockpit, platform straddling the kayak and hard attachments on the outriggers. Hinge the platform lengthwise so it does not impede your paddling stroke.


The platform rack is on Quick n Easy supports, crossmemebers 2x3 steel, joists 2x3” clear ‘pine tapped onto steel beam with .25” bolts,’ 3/8th” plywood sheathing, lath screws, 3-4 coats Rusto, seams silicone.

Satellite radio, Omega sensor alarms with 12V siren and auto horn, LED side panels, Hella berm spotlamps and main road driving lights (4) with 12V power.

Steel beams support bolt thru 2x4”outriggers holding kayak or canoe off platform for sleeping in tent.

There’s a guardrail for the not hull side.

Built in S. Florida with inferior materials. Try fir. Better cut aluminum pieces then hire a welder if necessary.

Time spent building with a basically biodegradable material is practically done with 3x the cost but longevity. $6-800

Cost in low grade wood maybe $250 without the B&W….I’ll post a wiring photo or 2…

Photos are thrown in not chosen or redone.