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Saw the discussion on Camping routine and making your own Clifbars. Anyone else tried different recipes?

I've looked at several and saw some that you bake that have eggs and flour and others are no-bake. I'm wondering the shelf life, unrefridgerated of the baked ones with eggs. The no-bake look like they'll keep for a long time with no problems.

I went to the store today and bought some figs, nuts, seeds and such to make the no-bake ones...pretty tasty. Here's the recipe link...I tried #11 with modifications. Mainly I subbed sunflower seeds for the sesame seeds and instead of rolled oats, I used steel cut oats (toasted). Didn't have any rolled ones, used cashews chopped small instead of almonds and didn't use the dry-milk...didn't have any either. I'll try more I'm sure.
Edit: Forgot the link,

I’ve tried home made…
granola bars, from a recipie on this forum. Good for you, as they are low fat.

The down side was, they taste like they are low fat.

I’d rather just paddle harder or walk faster.



Duane’s bar recipe is pretty good

how long can these last without refridge
I’m needing to have these last for a month in hot weather. They don’t have eggs, and since they’re dried, I would think they would last the duration. Just wondering what others have experienced on this.

Here’s my trailmix bar recipe…
This is a favorite for cycling, maybe it will work for you:


David Cole

Hudson Bay Bread
We make Hudson bay bread for bwca trips. Its just ground up oats, nuts, honey, sugar and a few other things. We cut them into squares and put peanut butter and jelly on them. Super good, super filling.

I have tried some variations like adding flax seed in place of some of the oats and it works great. Type in Hudson bay bread and there will be lots of recipes that come up. I like the one made with vanilla and not maple flavoring.

sound good…I’ll try them…thanks

I just…

…take from my paddling companions when they aren’t looking.