DIY Rescue throw rope?

Hi all, this is my first posting here. I’ve searched for this topic, but couldn’t find any prior discussion. I’m somewhat new to sea kayaking and I’m in the process of getting all my gear together for some longer trips. And I’m trying to cut costs where possible.

Has anyone made their own throw rope package? Any advice or suggestions on what type of rope to use or what bags work best?

Thanks and I look forward to using this message board more often as I continue to learn more about this great sport!


I bought one
Before I figured out it was really a whitewater thing.

Unless you’ll be paddling in rough water near cliffs and rock gardens you don’t need one. They are for rescuing swimmers from a place it’s not safe to paddle too.

If that ain’t you, scratch it off the gear list

second the not being needed side
Throw ropes are for white water. Tow ropes are for sea kayaking.

throw ropes
Once you use one a few times, you will always bring one. things happen out there.

Kayaks Take Two Hands
Use your boat to rescue someone.

Throw ropes are for floaters in current. Even then they should be used with caution. If someone is wearing a PFD they are probably better off swimming.

yeah at first glance “throw bags” seem
pretty pricey for what you get- some rope in a bag but you could make the same argument for a pfd- foam and fabric. I’m in a ww environment about 80% of the time so i consider both an essential piece of equipment. I have also found a throw rope has multiple uses for canoe tripping (clothes line, ridge line for a tarp). If you try making your own- remember you don’t want it fail when you really need it- more than likely a river or creek scenario. Use rope that floats, double or triple stitch the bag, the closure on top is pretty important- you don’t want the rope to play out until you really need it. Highly suggest a river rescue class- stabilization lines, tag lines, boat extraction is usually covered. Good to know the uses.

throw ropes don’t work well from boat

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For white water, I agree with ppines. For sea kayaking, I differ. Throw ropes don't work well thrown from boat, which is likely how you would use it when sea kayaking.

First, hard to throw any distance while you are sitting.

Second, if you are throwing from a boat to a swimmer, it is more likely that you will pull yourself to the swimmer than to pull the swimmer to you. If it was safe to be where the swimmer is, you should just paddle to them. Not safe, and you don't want to be pulled to them.

Once you use one
being the major caveat.

In my sea kayak, I just paddle to them. Why would I screw around with getting a rope to pull us together?

Agree that a throw bag is not needed for sea kayaking. You may want a tow setup at some point. A tow setup should include a quick-release.

Any rope used around small boats and swimmers should float, which usually means polypropylene. The cheap polypro sold in hardware stores is often very slippery, but you might find a decent braid if you’re lucky. The stuff sold as as “water rescue rope” handles and takes knots better than the cheap slippery stuff.

not throw but static on deck
some say that a throw rope is handy in dynamic waters close to cliffs where a rope can be thrown to rescue a sea kayaker, but where I paddle there are no cliffs, just sandy beaches.

I have used however a tow rope to help other sea kayakers when their rudders malfunctioned or became too tired/sick to continue paddling.

I could buy an expensive rope or I could make my own, better one.

I prefer to make my own: way more compact and much better than commercial offering;

Here are the details: