DIY rod holder for kayak

I have a few canoes and kayaks I like to fish from but never use rod holders. Anyone have a creative, cheap DIY rod holder suggestion thatI can move from canoes to kayaks?

The best
way to go is to just install a few rod holder bases on all your boats.Scotty,Ram or whatever you prefer.Some mount bases on cooler’s or just use PVC tubing instead of regular rod holders.I know of some that simply tuck the rod inside their PFD but that’s a little to minimalist for most.

Thanks Bernie.

For SOTs, milk crates with

– Last Updated: Jun-17-13 1:48 PM EST –

Rod holders attached to it, strapped into the dive well. The crate also doubles as extra storage.

You should be able to find rod holders at a sporting good or boating supply store, but if not, use PVC pipe.

The holders can be attached to the milk crate either inside or outside, with zip ties or more secure hardware.

Here are a few pictures for ideas.