DIY scruppers

Does anyone have a good home made scupper idea that works well? Just bought a sit on top as a second kayak but would like my guests to stay dry. Thanks enjoy the water this season.

As long as it is a fiberglass boat it is easy to add scuppers and the do let the boat drain a little quicker, But they don’t keep you dry. For that you need a canoe.

It is a Perception Tribe

I’d trade it
Sit on tops are for being wet anyway. A modification to a plastic boat is very hard to accomplish and folks who want to stay dry will like the canoe much better.

From what I see, the Tribe already has scuppers. Do you mean scupper plugs?

i bet
I bet they mean scupper hole plugs.

DIY plugs could be cork or ethafoam or even styrofoam if they don’t need to last long. Maybe you could find big rubber stoppers at mcmaster carr.

I think the real deal is only like 5 or 10 bucks though.

Good advice from everyone

Go to home depot
buy rubber cane tips like you would put on the end of an elderly persons walker. Been using the same ones in my ocean kayaks for the last 10 years - best 2 bucks I ever spent (for 2 boats!)

Awesome idea and I like that they have lasted so long. Thanks