DIY sea kayak foot brace

Following recent discussions on this Forum on foot pegs that are uncomfortable for some paddlers (too small, too high etc) I have bothered documenting the process of replacing a substandard factory fit out in my sea kayak.

While the DIY foot brace is a rather high end replacement(foam core with carbon) a similar brace can be made from aluminum

Details at:

Why did you go with the bar instead of plate(wider)

For an uneducated person
who has not held a piece of foam core in his hand - what is the “foam” material? Looks like stiff packing foam to me on your photos. But I’m curious if it has some structural or compression strength of its own or is it just a filler and all strength comes from the glass/carbon?

I’m gathering the courage and trying to figure out a simple solution to replace my current toe-control rudder pedals with a full plate with heel support.

Having paddled a surf ski only shortly, I remember having a brief adjustment period to get used to pushing with my heels vs. my toes. Once I got it though I thought it was better - no more sore calves after long energetic paddling… But then I would have to find a good way to attach the bottom of the plate plus I will have less space to stretch - would only be able to stretch one leg at a time. My kayak is too narrow at my feet at about 16" to allow to have enough room on the side with deeper recess for stretching I think…

Look at these
Onno has a really nice set of options for this - you should give it a look:

I have.

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Good stuff, thanks!

But without further customization his plate/pedals combo I suspect won't work nearly as well for me as it does for people with average sized feet.

I think I can make my own to suit my particular hull shape and foot size better. I will likely build new rails as well as there is no good way to attach to the existing rails easily (screws thru the existing pedals is an option that I think Patric at ONNO uses as well but I think I prefer the L-shaped rail direct mount better)... Price is also an issue at this time...

Very interesting
but… how did you deal with the varrying width?

I my kayak, there is over 1 inch width difference within the length of the foot peg rail.