DIY Sling Seat for Canoe

Has anyone out there done a home made sling seat? I’d like to make a removable one for my alum canoe and can’t find too much online on any home projects. Thanks for any help!

Sling seat (kind of)…
Didn’t make it me’self, but here might be a good example o’ one. Dis be made by Azland (great folks) fer slotted gunneled canoos such as wood canvas canoos. Ah’s dun’t use it as seat per say but more of a kneelin’ sling.


just what i had in mind
A kneeling sling is really what i had in mind to use it for. I’m just having trouble finding some sort of clips to go over the gunwales. Thanks for the link, great site too!

I have a Nashwaak Solo Strap, but
Elmo’s looks more comfortable. However there’s no place to connect it to the gunwales on my boats. I’d have to glass connections in.

The Solostrap has two pieces of strong plastic tubing with slots to slip over the gunwales. Smaller closed slots hold a wide strap. The gunwale connect works fine but the strap will fall off during a portage. I find the strap too narrow to be comfortable for very long, and I’ve experimented with things I can slip on the strap to spread my weight.