DIY Tugeye

I don’t want to be “that guy”, but I can’t find the old thread I remembered reading umpteen months ago about do it your self tugeyes in royalex boats. I plan on installing the DIY version that utilizes male threaded PVC fittings tubing and hose clamps. I think I remember how it goes… drill holes, screw in fittings, cut excess material off fittings, connect tubing, enjoy satisfaction of another job well done and money saved….

I think Fat Elmo posted it
I remember it being very well explained

grab loops

– Last Updated: Aug-24-09 5:21 PM EST –

A lot of Royalex boats just have holes drilled through each side of the hull above cutwater through which a grab loop is passed since there is no floatation tank to get in the way. You can use 1 inch wide nylon tubular webbing for this purpose.

If you want something watertight (very little, if any, water actually gets in) you can just drill the holes and cut a piece of PVC pipe to go through, miter cut and file the ends so that they are perfectly flush with the hull, and secure it using something like West System G-flex 2-part epoxy or 3M Scotch-Weld 3532 2- part urethane adhesive. The ends of the PVC pipe that show can then be painted with automotive paint or the Krylon Fusion color that most closely matches your hull.

Thanks Clarion!