DIY "Tugeyes"

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Fer a Royalex boat. Wanted ta post dis here Do-It-Yerself version of Tugeyes fer some time. Dis here project cost dis polecat a total of $1.50 American (4 X 35 cents + tax) per canoo fer de 3/4" PVC electrdrool box cooplers at Ludwig's Hardwaar store, a piece o' old 3/4" ID vinyl tubin' an' 30 minutes of me valoobull time. Easy, jus' follow de sequence of de tintypes!

Trick be ta drill a hole de same diameter as de "shank" of de coopler "NOT" de outer diameter of de threads. Dis be so dat yer actooly cut a "thread" inta de Royalex usin' de coopler itself as a "tap". It be best ta cut dis thread before yer sand down de coopler ta size - gives yer somethin' ta grab onta wit de pliers while yer be a'cuttin' de threads in de Royalex. Make sure ye drill in at 90 degrees ta de surface of de hull fer a flush fit. After ye screwed de coopler all de way in - back it out, sandy de coopler down ta size an' screw it back in. Ye kin' put some sealant or epoxy on de threads if ye wish. Fro' inside just slip de vinyl tube ye cut over de male ends of de coopler fer a watertight fit. Round de exterior edges of de cooplers wit sandypaper ta neatin' it up an' ye be all set.

Iffin' yer kin' not figger out wat ah's jabberin' about, e-mail me an' Miss Crabtree will translate an' send yer a King's Engleesh version.

Fat Elmo

How far down from the gunnels did you drill those holes? CJ, in his books, recommends a few inches above cutwater. In my Guide, without camping gear, that’s still pretty high.

When I’ve thought about doing this, but haven’t yet, I’ve wondered how to best locate the holes.

And, how did you make sure the holes are true mirrors of each other? Small pilot hole first?

Added some more tintypes…
ta me previoos album.


thanks, but …
how far below the factory holes are the ones you drilled? (below,with the boat in the open side up orientation, of course!)

good idea about the paper for a template!

Nice job posting the pics FE
This used to get kicked around a lot, but never with pictures.

Very nice!
Very creative FE!

Andy (so happy I din’t drill a hole in my boat)

i don’t get it.
i’m not a canoer…so maybe someone can fill me in on the point of this modification?

tugeyes and Lining
The modification is for lining the canoe.

Next question: what is lining?

To get from the top to the bottom of a rapid or difficult stretch of water, there are normally 3 ways to do it: 1) paddle, 2) portage, 3) lining. Lining is a little like taking your canoe for a walk. You keep gear in the canoe, let the canoe down the rapid, with someone holding the painter at each end and walking down the rapid along the shore. Its more difficult than I’ve explained, I’m not trying to teach lining here, just explain what it is.

Anyway, the benefit of the lower hole is so the lining rope is lower on the canoe. The canoe will be less likely to capsize during lining.

And remember, you can’t push on a rope.

FE, sorry if I’ve taken over your thread about DIY.

You can also run a cable through
to lock down the canoe.

Worth it
That idea was worth having to read that lingo.

Thanks! Turtle

Hey FE, whar ya figur $1.50?
I need 4 figures to buy dem bits and the rest of the workshop ya got. No wonder Miss Crabtree be so skinny wit no $‘s left for food.

An’ dem Mingos runnin that thar webshots place gotta go…they had some message askin iffin I was wishin to block some SPAM. We all knows thar’d be no FE wid out SPAM.

Nice work, and I intend to try it. I think it is a good cheap idea, but I would be surprised if the CVPC pcs are as srong as the machined nylon Tugeyes. Maybe the CPVC is strong enough.

Updated “TugEye” Album - More photos

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Added more tintypes of de process.

Fat Elmo