do any shirts fit this bill?

I’m looking for a shirt to wear while paddling. The main purpose is for sun protection, so it needs to be long sleeve. As I would potentially wear it for multi-day outings, I would prefer something that doesn’t get too stinky too fast. Last, although it would need to have narrow sleeves (so as to limit water entry), I would prefer that it not be too restrictive around the neck (I just don’t like the feel) or torso (again, not comfortable and with my older guy gut, a tight fitting lycra style stretch shirt just isn’t anything that anyone wants to see!).

So just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. For now, I’m just going with sunscreen but would prefer to not be putting that stuff in the water or needing to keep re-application schedules in mind.


long sleave fishing shirt

columbia makes them, bass pro, cabelas

Loose fit
Just search for loose fit rash guard, lots from O’neil and other manufacturers.

Cheap “Starter” Brand
from Walmart. They’re inexpensive and they dry quickly.

Magellan brand at Academy Sports.
Reasoable and well made. But, after a hot day they will stink, so you rinse it and it dries quickly .

Stay away from cotton
Those Bass pro shirts are 100% cotton. You want a quick drying synthetic.


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there’s the line up: Terramar micro cool..Terramar Trailhead
search into Terramar short sleeve T’s compare fabrics to longs sleeves.
I’m in south Florida with a breeze at 90-110 F surface temps woring in the sun. I moved here from NYC and Upper Tier PA. First T’s were police standard coarse weave polyester then silk weave polester long sleeve crews. These are available but not here where Terramar cools.
The bag has several white poly ling sleeves AAA under black neoprene wetsuits. The white’s stain brown with sunblocks but that’s OK but keep a couple fresh for weddings.
The long sleeve polys are worn with a wetsuit for 70 degree water in 80+ air temps.
I have no long sleeve Terrmars expect the Terramars 10-15% more effective giving a wider comfort range up and down.
Duofold became Champion who are online with an excellent mesh long sleeve in polyester…the weave is light, In the light weave there are multiple windows hung with single threading. The windows breathe but bugs doahn get in. I use the Champions for night sleeping and cooler weather…my cooler weather paddling is done in a semi dry or dry suit. The long sleevers are worn at 65 degrees with nylon trunks under the suits.

If your wear in cooler paddling weather is in neoprene then polyester ( mine are Columbia or Russell ?), Champion, then Terramar toward the warmer weather or preference.
The fabrics do not stink. Wash by hand or in a roller washer with adequate room and rinse water. Add a cup of isopropyl alcohol with dish detergent, I use 2 light squirts Palmolive in one gallon water for a large $4 roller….the sleeping bag roller…in limestone water areas….soft water.
You would see a very very light almost not foam along the water level top surface against the roller window when rinsing.

Please check with REI. REI sells to the computer underwhirled with higher prices and ?
The coarse poly’s are excellent for everyday like crawling under the buggy, available by searching into law enforcement equipment clothing in the south west not Maine.

The question you ask is past due. Clothing is stocked in March, gone by May. I’m surprised Campmor isn’t naked at this point.
BTW look for $$ polyester tennis socks an excellent sub for neo booties if neo booties are not your foot, and bug proof.

the fronted link needs copy and paste into the top search box including a copy for the not highlighted end words

go to mall plenty to pick from
no need to buy speciality- 30 years ago yes but not now- plenty of good stuff at your local retail store- kohls and walmart work just fine.

Problem with loose fit
In my experience wearing a loose fit shirt on a multi-day trip on salt water leads to chafed nipples. A Lycra rash vest works better and you can wear a shirt on top for appearance sake.

sun protection/rash guard companies
Check into NRS, COOLIBAR (sale going on now), SOLUMBRA or LANDS END, to name a few. All are good companies with very good, long lasting products.

new trend in ww paddle wear-
dress shirts. It’s definitely a thing here on the New River with the video boaters and a few guides. Some cut the sleeves off and wear them like a tank top. Warm summer temperatures with a high splash factor means they probably stay wet and wick heat pretty well- a good thing in the summer in wv. Pretty sure it’s also a fashion statement- making fun of “another day in the office”.

I usually go with a light colored cotton tshirt in the summer for cooling purposes. High splash factor keeps you damp and cool. So cotton works great in the summer to cool you off.

I don’t know if the dress shirts are permanent press or not? Somethin’ tells me they never get ironed before heading to work.

I second that
That is where most of mine come from.

Long sleeve and short sleeve.

Or you can go to the high buck brands which are made out of the same material.

Jack L

Cotton Sucks
I was introduced to Nike set maybe 15 years ago. I’m still wearing mine. Though the oldest is showing signs of wear. I also backpack wearing them.

I have found with synthetics you get what you pay for.

Why worry about water up the sleeve?

the very qualities that make
cotton “suck” up moisture make it desirable in hot weather.

Eddie Bauer Departure at the best I’ve
tried. Very expensive, but very comfortable, dry fast and look good.

I bought mine for half price on Mother’s Day.

I second Magellan
e.g. Magellan Laguna Madre long sleeve, $25 regular price, $20 on sale currently at my local Academy. Half the price or less of a similar Columbia shirt.

The sleeve openings have two buttons for adjustment. It’s a synthetic, so it’ll probably get as smelly as other synthetics. I like to fold up the collar to protect my neck from the sun.

Thrift store
Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Magellan, Field and Stream for $7.

I call them Dead Guy Shirts.

Cotton is fine all summer long. Sometimes wear a synthetic underneath when the weather is variable, either cool or ridiculous hot.

Once it drops into the 60’s you gotta think twice before wearing cotton.

Another option is short sleeve shirts with a sun sleeve. They are made of wicking material, picture a loose fitting compression sleeve. Cooler than no sleeves at all when in the sun plus bug bite compression. Available in running and biking stores.

2nd the Campmor recommendation
You can get quality stuff at near Wal-Mart prices.

Datakoll scores again.

yes and no
90% poly and 10% cotton is warm at 90-110 surface temps riding a bike prob cold when damp over the water.

Now if you keep the T soaked in water then yes the evap will cool you down.

A poly cotton mix is a mild fall weather T for say splitting wood or raking leaves working in the buggy prep for winter, cleaning the gutters…

The cotton 10% was ( now obsolete 10 years later) for taking up dyestuff for dayglo colors in poly. Bright poly colors are expensive dye jobs.

e’re in the midst of the 6PM Special

The colors are mostly from places like Lesotho where dye water is dumped directly into the river like the Susquehanna in PA giving the Chesapeake fish growths and diseases. Primitive societies.


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I once lived down the street...

Shopping at Campmor requires a visit a week. REI is the same deal.

Either will acquire a lot of poly tennis socks when there are 200 potential buyers waiting for poly tennis socks. I'm wearing 2...these are 7 years old.

And BINGO in 3 weeks the standard L to XXL sizes are gone.

The long sleeve weave from Champion was gone in 3 weeks, I'm told. I was emailed a headsup on that , called in a day or two n bought 10 at $16.

The gray weaves cost $36

Remember the Chinese wool socks from Cmore ? Whatta great deal 2 primo wools in 3 different weights for $12
I bought 20.

Bonnie held up a pair in Sea Kayaker !

Most Famous Wool Socks

That's the deal: watch every week, be seasonal, when the goods show up throw the credit card at them

The other post on dry suits..both suits here were discounted and paddles. The unloading may have come before the composite decline eventually killing SK.

One could wait for a deal in February dry suits that will never happen. That's possible. The high cost may not place a dry suit stock into the February discount schema. Its not like they rot before the next season.