A while back I got a canoe from my sister in law and it had NO GUNWALES. I put some spruce one on it, but I had to do it insections because I couldn’t find any that were 14’ long. the center is a single 8’ piece and then 3’ ends. It is a 14’ WW canpoe with about 5" rockers. It is a Royalex canoe, and I just wondered if the canoe was river worthy without Gunwales. I am about to go on a 3 day trip with some good class III-IV rapids.

They really help
Ideally one piece gunnels add the most rigidity and strength, but long pieces of wood are hard to find. It you spliced the three pieces together properly with epoxy then it could be a ood as a one piece. If not then many you can have the inner gunnels and outer gunnels have their splits in different places along the canoe.

Yes they need gunwales, Don’t listen

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to anyone who says they don't. They are an integral part of any canoe design and would never be safe to paddle in moving water without gunwales and thwarts. And I'm not talking about the Poly canoes that have molded in seats, cocpit rim and drink holders for any Idiot who wants to argue over this or try to prove me wrong. Some poorly made canoes with gunwales are still not safe in moving water!

the guy is not talking about playing
… around in a pond to see what happens. He’s talking about some pretty BIG water. This one doesn’t even seem close. Heck it’s one sided enough to suspect a bored and cooped up canoer trolling under another name.