do i need a new/diff. pfd for

sea kayaking? i currently am using the lotus for mild water III. if i go to the coast and paddle some tidal water (nothing to scary) should i step it up? i am looking at mti womens pfds! anyone have one of these? how well do you like it?

I use my Mildwater for coastal
water - bays and inlets. A female friend tried the MTI while I was with her and did not like it. I think that is the one with adjutments in the bust. She said it just wasn’t comfortable.

great to know
i will not be making many trips to the ocean…so if this one will be safe enough ,i’m happy.

if it
fits you great and floats you adequately then stay with it. I use a Palm WW pfd and love the 8 way adjustable fit, the slimmer profile and the more open cut in the shoulders. It has only 1 D pocket but it is a big one, and without the center zip (which I don’t miss) it is actually easier to carry more without bulk.

Some of the seakayaking vests have more pockets handy for carrying safety items like radios, flares, spotters, etc. They are bulkier though (thicker). Tradeoffs in everything.

ok, then
i will stick w/ what i have and put the money to better use.