do I need to register my motorize canoe?

Can anyone please answer me this following question?

I have a 14’ Adventure MadRiver conoe and I’m now thinking to add a 2-HP motor on it. I was wondering if I need to register my canoe at the DMV first before adding the motor? I live in Long Island, New York and I usually use the canoe for fishing in bays.

Thank you.

In most states, if not all.
I can almost guarantee in New York you’ll have to register anything motorized. Here in CT, you’d have to get a boaters’ license, too.

But every state is a little different. Check with your state boating authorities.

appears that you do…
“The law requires you to register any boat that is motor-driven and is operated on public waterways in NYS. The boat requires a registration even if the motor is not the primary source of propulsion. If you operate the boat in NYS, you must register the boat with the DMV. After you register your boat, you receive a registration certificate that indicates the registration number assigned to your boat and a set of registration stickers.”

I suspect most states are the same. In Illinois, you’ve got to register even if you’re NOT using a motor.

My motorized kayak
now has a bunch of three inch high numbers and registration stickers on it. I’m in Mt. At least the fee was only ten bucks for a lifetime registration. It’s nice to have the right to use the public ramps as the shorelines here can be loaded with poison ivy.

Thanks a lot for all your answers.
Thanks a lot for all your answers.

State to state
That is a regulation that runs state to state obviously. In NJ and PA any motorized craft has to be registered either in that state or another state, and have registration numbers displayed, and have up to date registration stickers. I believe PA requires a Certificate of Manufacture as well as Coast Guard placard for registration. To operate a powered water craft anywhere in any NJ waters you must also have a NJ Boat operator’s license regardless of what state your boat is registered in. To get this license you have to complete and approved NJ Boater’s Safety course. PA has no such regulation.

Actually NYS would prefer you didn’t.
The fines and associated court costs are way more than the lowly registration fee. Then there are the monies received after auctioning off said vessel to a law abiding citizen.