Do It Yourself Kayak Racks?

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I know this issue has been addressed many times in recent months and years but I can't seem to find what I am looking for in the archives. I guess I'm just not entering the right key word or phrase. Anyway...

I'm currently keeping my 2 boats (a poly SOT and a poly SINK tandem) on 1) a Martin Creek "J" style wall rack and 2) some foam blocks on top of an old table in the garage. This winter, I'd like to get a little more organized and give them better support. Also, I'd like to make additional storage space for the rec boat and/or light touring boat I plan to buy in the near future. I recall seeing several postings sometime back from folks who had built both wooden and PVC, freestanding, multi-boat racks. I believe they even had some photos.

Does anyone recall these same postings? If so, are the photos and details relating to them still available? On the PVC option specifically, I was wondering what diameter of pipe and what class of pipe (thickness) was used? Were the fittings standard or deep socket style?

Any information or even a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You are in luck

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I never seem to be able to find what I am looking for using the archive search either, so I tend to bookmark anything that is of interest.

Anyway, here is a link to some photos of the PVC rack. Is this what you were looking for? Unfortunately, I don't have the pnet link where I was able to snag these pictures, but it at least gives you an idea of the design (brilliant, I might add - cheers to whoever is responsible for these works of art).

Hope it helps.


kayak rack
I’m not a builder, so I bought two heavy duty plastic storage shelf units and just stacked the kayaks on those. I put some padding on the shelves and the boats seem to be fine.

Yep, that looks like…
what I remember from an old post. What does that appear to be…1.5 or 2" PVC?

tallic condos
for the price of the pvc piping and accessories, and taking up less space (albeit not free standing) you cannot beat the Tallic condo that is featured right here on pnet. the thing really works, and has allowed me a lot more space in my garage.


I looked at the Talic racks and they seem like a fine product but I wanted a free standing one so I could utilize both sides that would carry up to 4 boats (without having to lift any of them too high). The free standing, multi boat options from Talic started to get pretty expensive so I thought I’d tackle building one myself…I’m estimating I can do it for 60 to 80% less.

Beware of the Condo’s
I bought the triple Condo to store my two Manitou II’s and a Tsunami 145. Only the Tsunami will fit in the rack but only on the top space. The Manitou’s are too wide and the end of the arms digs into the bottom of the Manitous and the kayaks are too tall to fit between the arms. I would have to space the uprights to within a foot or two of the ends of the kayaks for them to fit on the webbing. Before I purchased the Condo’s I called Talic and was assured they would fit. I called again after installing the rack thinking somehow I installed them incorrectly. They were fairly indifferent and the only suggestion they had was to stand the kayaks on their sides. That would work okay if they were individual racks. The racks are well made and would work well on kayaks that are under 24” wide but their ads say they will fit kayaks up to 28” wide.