Do Roleez fit in round NDK hatches?

I doubt the rear hatch is deep enough for containing one of these, but maybe the front hatch? I don’t know if the opening is large enough.

The ad shows what looks like a WS oval rear hatch, and I hope the cart will fit in smaller openings. If it can be quickly disassembled and reassembled, that’s good enough.

There are carts that’ll fit, don’t think this one will though, you’d need fairly small diameter wheels to do it. Or just lash to the rear deck.

Bill H.

Homemade cart, maybe
Met a guy who’d made a take-apart cart that fit into his Explorer LV. He told me it was a variation on Freya H.'s design. I’ll do a search to try to find that online.

Do it the way Wheel-Ez did it
in the ad: Deflate the tires, put them in the hatch, and then reinflate them again. It will look like they fit in!

I’ve got a NDK, hatches are tiny. Not much fits and I’ve got a little cart, won’t get close to fitting inside. Would be nice, darn thing is like picking up the Queen Mary :slight_smile:

Bill H.

Wheeleez cart fits fine in Valley hatche
No deflation required. This is the “Kayak Cart Mini”. I really like it - quick and easy, and the tires work well in sand.