Do these things work?

By Ronco

I’d imagine they’d work for awhile …
… until they broke .

Oh , are you asking if they can be used to catch fish ?? Sure looks like it … did you see the size of some those fish that little baby reeled in !!

You know what they say about fishing with a longer pole … who knows , maybe compact toys can do the same job ??

When those first came out…
…in my youth many years ago, I got one as a gift. Didn’t think much of it then, but I did use it to catch some fish. Yes - it works, but not very well. Amazing thing is that it never broke - and after almost forty years, I still have it. (Why???)

There are many much better solutions for compact fishing gear.

probably didn’t break because …

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...... it hardly ever got used (probably) , and when it did it probably only had to deal with light fish (bluegills and such) .

I wonder what it felt like to crank in those larger fish in that vid. , on that thing ?? They'd give the Shimano 5000 and 6000 series a work out on a tough rod !!

I think those toys are a good idea for a beginner youth though , a step up from a hand line .

Yep, and yep.
A step up from a handline is about it - unless you consider the added weight…then it’s a step down.

There are much better solutions, but those work. They don’t cast worth a darn, so you better be fishing close to shore.

Northern Pike in Turkey…
used one with a steel leader in Turkey back in 1974…the old Turk guides in their wooden canoes who took me out on Lake Cuy just shook their heads when I pulled it out, but they started asking to try it after the 6th or 7th Pike was in the basket…

Pocket Fisherman, Steel 18" leader and a Number 2 Mepps Spiner = Good Eatin’!

ha , I would of fell out of the boat …

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...... laughing by the 2nd one you hooked up with !!

That would of made a priceless vid. in todays world !! ... well , in any world for that matter