Do Wetsuits..

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Stetch after they're worn for a while? I have never owned a drysuit or a wet suit
I picked up a wetsuit with short sleeves and short legs,
It seems to fit well but Tightly, I was advised by the salesperson "that is the way they're supposed to fit". well I guess I'll get a workout just wearing it. The water's still under 50 degress around here so there's really nothing to debate about wearing it just not sure about the fit. Thanks for any advice! Ed ;^)

Mine seems to get tighter every year!

and it stretches like you WOULD NOT BELIEVE…LOL!!!

Actually, I can actually get into the thing -AND zip up! On the other hand, last time I tried that I thought I’d be a soprano (and not a bass) -for life, L

And that was standing up -dunno WHAT havoc would be wrought had I tried to sit down -somehow, I JUUUUST don’t think I’ll be wearing that when I

Paddle on!

-Frank in Miami

Don’t worry.
If it isn’t snug, it won’t work like it is supposed to.

Wetsuits work by trapping a thin layer of water between you and the suit. Your body heats this thin layer and you lose less body heat. The more water that circulates through the wetsuit, the less effective.

Thanks fellas!
Hey I’m just wondering, mabe I should’ve got the full length model. with forarms exposed it still

will be damn cold if I take an unexpected dive mmmmmmm…I wont be paddling anything more then small lakes and creeks till things really warm up.

I guess ;^)

Wetsuit Fit

From your description, you’re set. I remember first time in mine - a strange tight feeling. But you’ll understand that once you’re in the water! I rinse mine in a bucket of fresh water, and then wetsuit shampoo, then hang in the shade to dry. I have occasionally, dried it out along with my neoprene skirt, in my dryer set to lowest setting. I’d guess it would dry in 10-15 min this way; then hang up on a plastic coathanger for next time.


Plymouth, MA

Under fifty degree water
is dry suit territory. You’ve not even remotely protected from hypothermia by a shorty wetsuit.

wetsuit fit
The fit should be snug, but not too tight. If your extremities are going numb, it’s too tight. Another test: if, when in the water, water trickles in slowly, the fit is good. If it pours in, it’s too loose.


Temps for wetsuits
First off, I agree, mine seems to shrink after the winter, even when I know I’m the same weight as last year. Second, my instructors gave me a good rule of thumb, assuming a full length suit with full sleeves: if the water temp and air temp together add up to more than 100 degrees, you can get along with a wetsuit. Under that is drysuit weather.

I thank you again great Info!
I took the short sleeved suit back and I’m going to pick up a full suit that fits properly.combined temps are just around 100-110

Thanks again. Ed

Temp = 100??
I live near the CT River, and there are many days when the water is 42-45, and the air is 55-58.

You really don’t want to take a swim in a wetsuit when the water is this cold.

I don’t agree with the 100 degree, though I have seen it posted many times.


Tailor wetsuit?
Is it possible to adjust a wetsuit as a “do-it-yourself” project? I have a used one that is a little too big. It probably wouldn’t be worth the cost for a professional tailor job. It would be used for sea kayak touring so I wouldn’t mind if the results were less then perfect.


Under 50 degrees is absolutely too cold for a 3mm wetsuit, but 50 degrees is pushing the limit.

A 3mm wetsuit might not be enough for some folks in 50 degree water. I find it right at my limit. Better try it for yourself and see.

putting it on
The suit should be snug when you buy it and it will stretch out and customize itself in time. That being said you should always try on the larger size when buying new to make sure.Old wetsuits are made out of old rubber. The new rubbers that have come out the last 4 years on quality wetsuits are lighter and stretchier than the past. Old rubber stiffens with age. You can try washing it in a wetsuit restorer wash (dive or surf shops) It will help, but if its been left out in the sun alot it is dried out.

When trying on a suit always work the knee pad up on your knee before pulling it up on your hips. Then get it tight up in the crotch before putting your arms in. Even on your spring suit foloow the latter instructions.


Agree w/ Frank on the 100 degree
thing. Here on Long Island last week it was 68 deg out and the water was still 45deg. That’s well over 100 yet not so good for a wetsuit swim. Put a drytop on over that wetsuit on 45-50 deg water days and you should be okay. I dumped with a drytop/bibs combo in 40 degree water a couple of weeks ago and stayed dry and toasty.

Always dress for the water temperature.

You mean a “worthless” rule of thumb
If you actually think about it, there is no combination of air and water temps that add up to 100 where a 3mm wetsuit will work adequately. Either you’re underprotected for the water or underprotected for the air.

A question??
I know little to nothing about wet suits and dry suits.I’m just wondering,by the looks of a dry suit,if a person were to dump,would’nt water just start pouring into the suit?I do know that they have gaskets,but still…just a curiosity?Would someone mind explaining?I do want to paddle during the colder months but,I don’t want to get myself into a nasty situation because of the wrong equipment.Thank you.


get a fullsuit,and a hood! HOOD!! check surf shops, they have more flexiable suits and liners,rear entry zippers and semi dry cuffs and high necks. also liners such as aeroskin tops and shorts make them more versatile .I’m a commercial diver and wetsuits are just like clothes, layering for different conditions is important. O’neil wetsuits makes a hood with a neat little bill like a baseball cap for sun. Real cold? titanium liner by scubapro is my favorite. looks like an east european gymnastics outfit, but is really cozy.hand WASH your suit with fresh water every time after use and every few times with joy soap. if it gets funky a producy called “sink the stink” works well, air dry on a fat hanger out of the sun and it should last years…there are two kinds of divers,those who pee in thier suits and those who lie about it. stay warm, Lee